About GameEnd

GameEnd is an open source Gaming and Emulation Frontend designed to display your Games in a beautiful yet intuitive manner. It supports any Emulator and also supports your Windows and Steam games. With its easy to use Games and Emulator importer, fast performance and powerful metadata scrapers, we think that you will love it.


  • Open source: Enough said.
  • Free: As in beer. You can donate if you wish, but it’s 100% optional.
  • Powerful Metadata scraper: Automatically finds all your Games images, boxart and data such as release date, description and more.
  • Gorgeous Interface: Viewing & navigating your Games library should be fun, not a chore.
  • Supports any emulator: Just add your emulator via our importer and GameEnd will do the rest.
  • Supports all your Windows & Steam Games: Just add your Games via our importer and GameEnd will do the rest.
  • Intuitive Game & Emulator importers: Importing your Games & Emulators should be easy, and GameEnd makes it easy.
  • Couch Mode. Enables you to play from your Couch with a GamePad.
  • Game Music support: Play your Games music when selecting a Game.
  • User Themes: Use themes submitted by other users, or create your own.
  • AutoHotKey Support: Launch additional programs when launching a Game.
  • Pre-Loaded Video Platform Themes: Couch Mode should look gorgeous out of the box, and does.
  • Platforms: Windows. Mac & Linux support coming soon.